Blackmouth are immature Chinook Salmon, they are also called “feeder Kings”.  Blackmouth fishing is a great Puget Sound fishery.  We target these fish from October through March in Puget Sound.  Blackmouth tend to be 5-10lbs on average, yet can be up into the 20lb range.

King SalmonChinook Salmon

Chinook or King Salmon as they are often called, are the largest of the Pacific salmon. In Canada, Chinook may be referred to as “Springs” and/or “Tyee”. These fish start their migration into the Puget Sound as early as May. The season typically starts in the Puget Sound on or around June 1st and goes well into September. Average size is approximately 15 lbs. to 20 lbs. but fish weighing in at 30 lbs. are not uncommon.

Silver SalmonCoho (Silver) Salmon

Coho, or Silver Salmon as they are often called, are named for their beautiful silver color. The Coho season begins July 1st, but the run pick’s up steam at the end of August through October. Coho in Puget Sound weigh from 3 lbs. to 7 lbs., (these are what we call resident Coho’s). The Coho’s larger ocean going cousin’s weigh from 10 lbs. to 15 lbs.

Chum salmonChum Salmon

Chum, or dog salmon as they are often called are the most abundant wild salmon in Washington state. These fish begin arriving in Puget Sound around October. A typical Chum will range anywhere from 10 lbs. to 20 lbs. Chum salmon are some of the most powerful salmon in our waters and can really test an anglers skill.

Pink salmonPink Salmon

Pink Salmon, or Humpies as they are often called, arrive in the Puget Sound region during the odd number years. These fish migrate in great numbers and are an easy catch for anglers. A typical Puget Sound Pink will run 4 lbs. to 9 lbs.

Sea-Run CutthroatSea-Run Cutthroat

The Sea-Run Cutthroat is known for its aggressive behavior towards a properly presented fly. Generally, these fish run between 12-18 inches. These fish are available year round in Puget Sound, and although they may be small, they are very powerful for their size. A great fish for the novice as well as the experienced fly fisherman.

Ling CodLing Cod

These bottom dwellers are available for the taking starting May 1st. The Ling Cod season is short, generally only one month long. A typical Ling Cod in the Puget Sound area will run 10 lbs. to 30 lbs. with a possibility of even larger fish.


Steelhead are iconic in the Pacific Northwest.  This sea run Rainbow trout, returns to the rivers of Washington in the winter and summer months.  We focus on the winter run.  This run starts in early November and goes into April.